Verbier Cup is the grand final event of the only mixed Pro Tour Series golf tournament in the world!  Touring, Ladies, Club and Senior Pros compete against each other to win CHF40’000 prize money in the idyllic setting of the renowned alpine resort of Verbier.
2019 participants include Nicolas Colsaerts, Raphael Jacquelin, Grégory Havret (PGA Tour), Camilla Lennarth, Anne-Lise Caudal, Astrid Vayson, Lucie André (Ladies European Tour) and Paul Wesselingh and Jean-Pierre Sallat (Seniors Tour) to name but a few !

Verbier’s unique golf course layout makes it the ideal location for this innovative new mixed format. The event is 18 holes stroke play for 50 professionals, who are joined by up to 25 amateur guests & celebs at a ratio of two pros and one amateur per flight. Guests play a single stableford competition alongside the pros.

T1Vayson Astrid-366
T1Andrè Lucie -366
T3 Gilmartin Olivier-267
T3 Langasque Romain-267
T3 Jacquelin Raphael-267
T6 Dallat Peter-168
T6 Dobias Marc-168
T6 Burnier Jean-Luc-168
T6 Saddier Adrien-168
T6 Havret Greg-168
T6 Colsaerts Nicolas-168
T12 Derrey ValentineE69
T12 Johnson JamesE69
T12 Peracino PierrickE69
T12 Bechu RomainE69
T16 Corrado Paul170
T16 Fourquier Marie170
T16 Carroz Martial170
T16 Leurquin Chloè170
T16 Jones Shaun170
T16 Messiqua Alex170
T16 Purshouse Benjamin170
T16 Wesselingh Paul170
T24 Chable Gustave271
T24 Aeschbach Eric271
T24 El Baradie Karim271
T24 Meyssonnier Anais271
T24 Lennarth Camilla271
T24 Sauzon Agathe271
T24 Yvet Jean-Damien271
T24 Sallat Jean-Pierre271
T24 Coppens Mike271
T33 Price Tony372
T33 Jeanrenaud Alain372
T33 Weber Lionel372
T33 Brouchoud René-Pierre372
T33 Wallace Rebecca372
T38 Genoud Alain473
T38 Drummond Rachel473
T38 Plachetka Lara473
T38 Günther Christoph473
T38 Trombetta Morra Charles473
T43 Voyle Jonathan574
T43 Duchaussoy Marion574
T43 Healey Gavin574
T46 Ulrich Bert675
T46 Schneider Flavio675
T46 Dusson Jean-Yan675
49 Rey Steve776
T50 Peuch Flora877
T50 Bieri Dimitri877
T52 Ben Othman Hassen978
T52 Gossage Andrew978
T52 Pache Valentin978
T55 Radoicic Aleksandar1079
T55 Rechignac Louis1079
57 Patuzzo Gianluca1382

 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9Out101112131415161718InTotalNet
Vayson Astrid 35435534335443343433316666
Andrè Lucie35435534335352435432316666
Gilmartin Olivier 35435534335433443443326767
Langasque Romain 35435534335443343434326767
Jacquelin Raphael 35435534335443433632326767
Dallat Peter 35435534335443444343336868
Dobias Marc 35435534335444343443336868
Burnier Jean-Luc 35435534335443333364336868
Saddier Adrien 35435534335443443542336868
Havret Greg 35435534335443543442336868
Colsaerts Nicolas 35435534335443543433336868
Derrey Valentine 35435534335543433453346969
Johnson James 35435534335344433634346969
Peracino Pierrick 35435534335534444433346969
Bechu Romain 35435534335443434543346969
Corrado Paul 35435534335453443543357070
Fourquier Marie 35435534335443443643357070
Carroz Martial 35435534335343564442357070
Leurquin Chloè 35435534335443444543357070
Jones Shaun 35435534335343344563357070
Messiqua Alex 35435534335543643433357070
Purshouse Benjamin 35435534335443435444357070
Wesselingh Paul 35435534335553434443357070
Chable Gustave 35435534335343564443367171
Aeschbach Eric 35435534335453544443367171
El Baradie Karim 35435534335453444444367171
Meyssonnier Anais 35435534335443346444367171
Lennarth Camilla 35435534335543464442367171
Sauzon Agathe 35435534335443444643367171
Yvet Jean-Damien 35435534335433554534367171
Sallat Jean-Pierre 35435534335343454733367171
Coppens Mike 35435534335453544443367171
Price Tony 35435534335443544643377272
Jeanrenaud Alain 35435534335443534563377272
Weber Lionel 35435534335454343563377272
Brouchoud René-Pierre 35435534335454444534377272
Wallace Rebecca 35435534335652444543377272
Genoud Alain 35435534335463435544387373
Drummond Rachel 35435534335463348442387373
Plachetka Lara 35435534335443645444387373
Günther Christoph 35435534335442454546387373
Trombetta Morra Charles 35435534335442454546387373
Voyle Jonathan 35435534335653643543397474
Duchaussoy Marion 35435534335443645454397474
Healey Gavin 35435534335453473634397474
Ulrich Bert 35435534335454545643407575
Schneider Flavio 35435534335453863443407575
Dusson Jean-Yan 35435534335643555633407575
Rey Steve 35435534335444645365417676
Peuch Flora 35435534335474555444427777
Bieri Dimitri35435534335853443483427777
Ben Othman Hassen35435534335355454584437878
Gossage Andrew35435534335463483555437878
Pache Valentin35435534335443785633437878
Radoicic Aleksandar35435534335444664466447979
Rechignac Louis35435534335573564644447979
Patuzzo Gianluca35435534335495555644478282